lNetApp systems are the industry's broadest family of compatible storage systems, offering unmatched business agility, superior application uptime, simplicity of management, and low TCO helping you affordably store, manage, protect, and retain one of your most precious assets—your data. NetApp's unified architecture gives you the most versatile and scalable storage platform in the industry. NetApp solutions with CTG's support provide nonstop availability of critical business data and simplify your business processes so you can deploy new capabilities with confidence. You can rely on our industry-leading solutions to lower the cost of protecting your data, your business, and your reputation.
Why NetApp: Storage Efficiency Innovation without Compromise

Seven core technologies provide the ultimate in storage efficiency

NetApp’s seven core hardware and software technologies deliver efficiency results that are virtually unmatched in the industry. From SATA drives and double-parity RAID to deduplication, thin provisioning, snapshots, thin replication, and virtual copies, these efficiencies apply across all storage systems—not just NetApp® systems—so you can get more out of what you already own. Plus, the technologies can have a compounding effect—the more you use, the more you can save.
With NetApp, you gain all these efficiencies without compromising performance. In fact, we can help you reduce your costs AND increase productivity.

Gain the benefits of SNAPSHOTS without the performance hits

NetApp is the leader in space-efficient Snapshot™ technology, which uses minimal storage and has no performance impact so you can copy important data frequently. You get NetApp Snapshot copies in less than a second by creating a second set of data pointers, requiring no additional capacity. With NetApp, you can make up to 255 Snapshot copies per volume, instantly. Many competitive solutions are limited to far fewer snapshot copies and require the equivalent capacity of a full copy of the volume in order to create snapshots.
Get up-to-the-minute data protection AND high performance—you no longer have to choose.

Maximize your data protection efficiency with thin replication

NetApp thin replication technology enables data copies that are required for protection to be created quickly and efficiently. Once the initial baseline data is transferred, only incremental block changes are transferred, using minimal LAN/WAN bandwidth. The result is high performance and space efficiency when making data copies for disaster recovery and D2D backup/recovery. Combining deduplication and thin replication reduces storage requirements even more. Our customers report utilization rates approaching and even exceeding 100%. We helped a natural-products company reduce its backup window from more than 8 hours to 30 seconds. With NetApp, you can achieve maximum efficiency AND maximum performance.

Provision storage faster and easier with thin provisioning

With thin provisioning technology, you no longer have to guess how much storage to allocate to each individual application. Applications can share a common pool of storage so you can easily accommodate growth and maximize utilization. Higher utilization AND higher productivity—NetApp gives you both.

Store more data with high-density SATA drives and RAID-DP

We combine SATA drives with double-parity RAID and intelligent caching so you can take advantage of low-cost, high-capacity disk drives without sacrificing resiliency or performance. And, with the ability to combine SATA and Fibre Channel or SAN and NAS on NetApp’s unified architecture, you can meet your changing business needs. Get low cost AND high performance. With NetApp, you don’t have to compromise.

Slash capacity requirements up to 95% with deduplication

NetApp deduplication has helped thousands of customers eliminate duplicate data to reclaim capacity across all tiers—primary, backup, and archival. In fact, we guarantee* that you will use 50% less storage with NetApp compared to a baseline of traditional storage. We can help you spend less AND increase efficiency.

Make virtual volume copies with near-zero capacity requirements

With NetApp FlexClone®, instead of having to provision storage capacity to create copies of production data for development and testing, you can quickly make virtual copies with near-zero incremental capacity requirements. Cost savings AND improved business performance—NetApp gives you efficiency without compromise.

*This guarantee and related Program are limited to the terms set forth in the applicable Program Guide and Acknowledgement for the 50% Virtualization Guarantee Program, or the 35% Deduplication Virtualization Program, applicable only to prospective orders placed after the Program effective date and are dependent upon your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in the applicable Program Guide documents and any of the instruction sets and specifications set forth therein. NetApp's sole and exclusive liability and your sole and exclusive remedy associated with the terms of this guarantee and related Program is the provision by NetApp of the additional storage capacity as set forth in this guarantee and related Program.