F5 Application Traffic Management

One device. Complete control.

Applications running across networks can cause a wide variety of problems. Whatever the problem, though, the BIG-IP Product Family can handle it.

BIG-IP is the only device in the industry that can do everything. It delivers high availability, improved performance, application security, and access control, all in one unit.

A single BIG-IP device can do the work of a dozen single-purpose products. More importantly, it can do that work in an efficient, cohesive manner that is easier to manage and adapt as business and technology needs change.

The BIG-IP Product Family is also extraordinarily flexible and configurable. You choose which functions you want by selecting various BIG-IP product modules and BIG-IP feature modules. Depending on which modules and how much traffic capacity you need, you can choose from various BIG-IP hardware platforms.

BIG-IP Product Modules

F5 application delivery products are modular, designed with expansion and customization in mind. BIG-IP product modules let you easily incorporate new functionality -- everything from Web acceleration to topology-based load balancing -- so you can quickly adapt to changing application and business challenges.

BIG-IP Feature Modules

Need even more functionality in your network? BIG-IP feature modules provide a more cost-effective and easier-to-manage solution than adding single-function point products.

BIG-IP Hardware

Our ground-breaking platforms deliver unmatched power, dramatically improving Layer 4-7 traffic throughput and providing better application delivery. F5's revolutionary TMOS architecture is at the heart of all BIG-IP platforms, efficiently isolating clients from the server-side flows to increase application performance and allow custom payload inspection and transformation capabilities with iRules.

Our powerful VIPRION hardware delivers high performance and scalability for BIG-IP LTM. VIPRION is the first application delivery controller that scales on demand, and it provides the highest levels of throughput and transactions per second of any product on the market.